вторник, април 18, 2006

Статуя за размисъл

Статуя на воин от Чичен Ица

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Анонимен каза...


Im’ from Mexico and the reason of this mail is that I’ve seen your blog and
there is a picture of “Tlaloc”, the God of the rain, I think that you
already know it but there is also a kind of poem in Spanish, so it is wired
but interesting at the same time that someone form Bulgaria has these thing
on its blog, anyway, I’m really wonder why you have those thing on your
blog. Well, I hope that you don’t mind to tell me why your interesting on

Lanfear каза...

I alredy send the answer in your e-mail, and may be I will post this answer here, but not now.
If you visit my blog again, I will be glad to see this Spanish poem if it's not too much trouble for you :)
Thanks in advance :)

Анонимен каза...

Hola ;)

First, I am very grateful that you have answered my mail and please don’t
care about your English, which is quite good; it’s a good and easy way to
get communicated in order to establish a link-like.

I couldn’t see the picture that you mentioned but what I know about
Chacmools is not much. Anyway, I’ll tell what I know about them and,
naturally, you can put it on your blog.

Until now, nobody knows exactly what the Chacmool’s figure means or
represents, the first Chacmool was found in Chichйn Itzб (south of Mexico)
by some U.S. anthropologist at the end of the nineteenth century. The name
was elected without reason, so it was made-up arbitrarily by the person who
discovered the figure. The person who discovered the first Chacmool invented
a story about the figure; in fact, the figure did not belong to the Mayan
culture as it was said since the beginning. This kind of figure, Chacmool,
is frequently found at the entrance of some temples related with the Tolteca

By the way, may be someday we can chat, if you don’t mind of course, I’m
going to give you another mail that I use more frequently in order to chat
and if you have msn, we will be able to chat with msn, so the mail is: tuinkis@hotmail.com . But we can keep getting communicated with the current

Greetings from Mexico….your friend Josй Luis